Shelley Wood
Business Mindset Mentor and Coach

Welcome, you empowered Entrepreneur!


My name is Shelley Wood, and welcome to The Vortex - Biz Coaching and Mentoring Website and Blog.

I have been an Entrepreneur for 10 years and have been in Business Development for 20 years.

My passion is taking an idea and turning it into reality, the process fascinates me. I personally, currently have 3 businesses and each one is a completely different field from the next.


During my coaching programs, I will help you on your journey to Feck Perfuction and awaken your business mindset. Business and life can be an overwhelming journey, but it is even more rewarding once you allow yourself to enjoy the process.

My coaching and mentoring program is defined in 5 steps of learning to ensure that together we establish a successful business model that you love and enjoy:

5 Steps of Learning











Why Choose Vortex Portal?

I have personally used this process in each business endeavour that I have had the pleasure of partaking in. The key to a successful business is to enjoy the process. It is all about the journey to Abundance, that is where true happiness lies.


So if you are ready to step into your journey and UNLEASH your AWESOMENESS! Get in touch with me today for a FREE chat to see how I can boost your positive energy and help you live the life you deserve on planet earth.


I am so grateful that you are in The Vortex Portal with me, please enjoy the content and share your awesomeness with me xxx



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