Shelley Wood is the founder of The Vortex Portal, a business consultancy firm that was created in 2020 during the Covid19 pandemic. In 2011 Shelley developed her first business after ten years working for companies developing programs for the community. Shelley's first company being a Gymnastics academy in Salisbury opened in 2011 with 180 gymnasts, and she sold this company in 2016 with 600 students. Business development is Shelley's main passion, and empowering 76 others to do the same is her mission. Shelley's creative flair has since lead her to develop countless other businesses, and currently is the CEO of three worldwide based companies.

The Vortex Portal is Shelley's Business mentoring firm, where she works with new business owners and entrepreneurs to get them into the right mindset when starting up any business. The foolproof strategies that Shelley gives enable the readers and clients to develop a mindset that helps them to produce companies that create abundance.

Shelley's vision is to prove to the world that anyone can start a business and live their own lives on purpose and to their own values and standards.

Outside of business, Shelley is super active mum to 15-year-old Sam and 11-years-old Poppy, and they spend their time enjoying a creative life in Salisbury UK, by exploring life experiences to the max. She is extremely positive and outgoing; most people can only spend short amounts of time in her energy as she has the capabilities to suck you in to live your life to the fullest. Spending time with Shelley will leave you nursing your chuckle muscles and searching for the anti-sickness tablets after the experience of the energy whirlwind that she will have you entangled in.

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