3 Steps to Manifesting your perfect Reality

Do you understand yet?!


It is all inside YOU! You are the creator of your own destiny, without sounding too cliche... it is all true!

The fact of the matter is, that all things come from within... No! I'm not going all airy-fairy on you! But it is a reality!

Everything you have manifested in your life right now and at this moment in time has been initiated by a thought! your car, your relationships, your house, your clothes, and even your pets! Without the thought, you could not have created the reality.

So why not use this human superpower to manifest exactly what you want in YOUR LIFE? Why don't we just tap into it and live our dreams?

In order to tap into this power of the human inner being, you must eliminate every single external distraction 😏 OK... so that may not be possible 😅 the kids need to go to school, the bills need paying and your husband doubles up as your third child! 🙊

How on earth do you find inner peace and guidance in a crazy world of external chaos?

You cannot always control what goes on outside, But, you can ALWAYS control what goes on inside -Wayne Dyer

3 Steps to Manifesting your perfect Reality


Yep! I've said it before and I will say it again! How the hell can you FIND INNER PEACE and HAPPINESS if you never go inside!?! Answer: You can't! 10 minutes of meditation for a beginner is all you need!

Meditation doesn't have to be all "Aaah ... I am connected to this and guidance from that" don't get me wrong, if that is your thing (like it is mine) I completely get it! However, if you are avoiding meditating because you are worried about what Doris next door might think, then ask yourself "when was the last time Doris was in your head?" Never I hope, or if she has been, it is time to go within and get her to leave your temple!! OK, so I'm rambling (think I need to meditate) 😉

Meditation can be done in 10 minutes, concentrating on your own breathing is the quickest way to relax (in for 3 out for 5) as it takes the attention away from your mind and body and stops the monkey chatter in your brain allowing your inner self to come forward. SIMPLE!

Law of Attraction - Thoughts become things


WRITE STUFF DOWN! If you have a thought and it interests you enough to chat about it inside... BRING IT OUT! It came to you for a reason and you and your inner self want to have a look at it to see what it is all about!

Sometimes if you're sat at your boring old office desk, phone on-ear, elbow on table and pen and pad to hand... your hand starts to doodle, you swirl and colour and dot and create an awesome pattern of wonder! Why not jot down some thoughts that come up, such as, an idea for a side business, a new recipe or diet, a conversation you had with someone... negative or positive, when bought into REALITY we can then see if it is REAL. This is usually the time your EGO pops up and says, "Don't be bloody ridiculous, that should have stayed in here where I can keep you safe you idiot"... TOO LATE, it's out and can't be hidden now, well, unless you burn it, but even then it was a physical imprint that you have seen and witnessed in form. And what if it is the idea that unleashes your awesomeness, and instead of setting fire to the form, it lights a fire in your belly...

If you can See it in your mind you can hold it in your hand - Bob Proctor


Even one small step in a direction is still going forward. Keep writing, keep meditating, keep the fire burning.

Make the website, Facebook group, Instagram page. What have you got to lose? (Nothing) what have you got to gain? (EVERYTHING)

This is what manifestation looks like at a snapshot.

Whatever the mind can conceive the mind can achieve!

YES! It is scary!

YES! Your ego with try to stop you!

YES! everyone around you will try to convince you that you are crazy!

But, let me ask you this, Are you living their life or yours? 8 times out of 10 we live by other peoples rules, does that sound like FREEDOM to you.

I understand that in certain situations we must (to a certain extent) live by rules, or that is what we are told. but, none of this is reality, the only reality is your reality and how you see and think.

Living life on purpose is not breaking all the rules, it is merely doing only what you love and what excites you, everything else is a choice that you make. so, if something no longer makes you happy, it does not mean you have failed, it means your inner being is developing and growing and that old manifestation no longer fits into your new reality.

So, it is time to choose! Will you choose Love, Joy, and Abundance, or will you choose Fear, Lies, and Chaos. It is and has always been YOUR CHOICE!

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin - Tony Robbins

You are always one decision away from a completely different reality.

Let me help you manifest your desires in 5 easy steps! Send me a message to find out more! 🙏💫

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