Are you putting a LIMIT on your AWESOMENESS??

Are you putting a LIMIT on your AWESOMENESS??


How to identify and overcome Limiting Beliefs!

From as early as I can remember, I was always told I was shy and uncomfortable in social situations. Shelley lives in her own bubble and she is away with the fairies. Because I never spoke out or debated, I was labeled as unconfident and vulnerable, which in many ways I was. However, I was always an avid listener, I would watch people interact with each other and notice that most people don't listen to each other, they are thinking about what they want to say. So, I went through the first 30ish years not speaking out, and this led to vulnerable situations where, through others' misplaced good intentions, I allowed myself to be controlled, It was easier to not have an opinion, and let's face it, who wants to hear what I have to say!!

If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you - Louise Hay After removing certain weights from my life, my Rubber Duck inner self was once again free to come to the surface. It was my life coach who called out my biggest Limiting belief "I do not feel Worthy" this led to imposter syndrome in Careers and relationships, I had always been in management and owned my own businesses, but I also felt like a fraud. "one day they will all notice that I am just playing at being CEO and Senior Manager and Director" It has also led me to try and sabotage relationships through fear of being hurt "They don't really like me, So I will end the relationship now so they don't have to do it later"

Self-Sabotage is when we want something and then go about making sure it does not happen - Alice Cornyn-Selby

I am sad while writing this, I feel as though this is a person I want to help, I can barely believe that this was me! I want to go back and be my own mentor. She just needs someone to help her call out the lies she has held onto. Which is exactly what I did! My power, phrase, that I would say over and over again was: "I used to feel unworthy, But NOW I AM WORTHY"

It took 3 weeks for me to ELIMINATE this belief! Every time I was in a situation where my belief tried to jump out, I would face it head-on... "Run from your fears and they will chase you down, Run straight at your fears and they will get the F@%K out of your way" Jen Sincero

So true, and now every time a belief comes up, I call it out and if it doesn't help me to progress and thrive or it is not in line with my personal mission statement, it doesn't belong in my life. Some Limiting Beliefs:

  • I am not worthy

  • I am not _____ enough (fill in the blank)

  • I don't deserve it

  • I don't have enough _____ (fill in the blank)

  • There is not enough for everyone!

  • It is not acceptable to have lots of money

  • I don't want people to think that I am _____ (fill in the blank)

  • I don't trust myself

  • I can't handle it

  • I am going to fail, so why bother

Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, You're Right - Henry Ford How to overcome your limiting beliefs:

  • Identify when they arise

  • Reflect on how it is limiting you

  • Understand it is not the truth

  • Ask for help and get clarity

  • Tell yourself that this no longer serves you

  • Create a new belief

  • I USED TO THINK ______ But Now I AM _______ (FILL IN THE BLANKS)

  • Rewrite your beliefs and be free

If you are stuck in business or life, you know you can do so much more, but there is something holding you back, You CAN, You WILL and You MUST overcome and eliminate what is holding you back from your potential to live an Awesome Life!

I have helped many entrepreneurs realise their superpowers. If you would like to know how to Unleash your AWESOMENESS give me a call or send me a message Today, together we can push past the boundaries that are holding you back 🙏😘

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