Are you ready for change?

What experience have you had that changed the way you looked at something?


I have been meditating daily now for around a year, one of my favorite ways to relax and get into an awesome mindful state is to clear my Chakras while listening to relaxing music 🧘‍♀️ So, yesterday morning I was watching a program with my daughter and they were talking about rainbows and, BOOM, in that moment, and after a year of visualising the Chakra colours I was enlightened to the fact that the Chakras are in fact the Rainbow colours in order! 😂 I don't know why this shocked me or why I feel the need to share this with, but I was intrigued by this revelation! The girl in the program was debating that she only uses 6 colours in her art! and does not recognise Indigo as a colour 😲 This is exactly the same in some meditation practices that do not use or work with the Indigo chakra, this chakra is relating to trust, intuition, inner-self etc... I used to avoid this area too, also known as the Third Eye. I often thought that if I open this chakra I might see something, such as a ghost, ghoulie, zombie or something else relating to my limited knowledging given through horror films and other peoples views 😆 and in order to use this chakra you had to 'Open the Third Eye', this freaked me out a little. However, let me tell you that once you release all fear and you have freaked out, told people you think you are going insane and contemplated calling the men in white coats yourself... Once you relax into the Indigo chakra and feel the Third Eye open something truly amazing happens, you realise the hard truth that what you have been avoiding is, in fact, YOURSELF! Releasing and relaxing into mediation fully is where you can BE YOU, you can listen to YOU and you can use your own intuition to lead a life that is in line with your true core values and no one else. We are so consumed with caring what other people think that we forget, what we think about ourselves is more important than what others think about us!

  • You have the ability to make you happy,

  • You do not need the approval of others,

  • You can decide how to live your life,

  • You can be in a state of constant happiness knowing you chose this way.

I would love to know if you have ever had an eye-opening (internal or external) experience. Feel free to leave it in the Comments 🙏😘 Have a beautiful day xxx When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change! Wayne Dyer

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