Overcoming fears of failure and success



When I was starting out in business I had no idea of the number of fears that I had that were trying to hold me back. Lady self-sabotage in my head was my best friend, She had 3042 limiting beliefs and fears that she used to keep me safe and in my comfort zone! Now she is merely an acquaintance, who pops in once in a while to keep me on my toes. However, I've said once and I am going to say it again:

Nothing Amazing Happens Inside Our Comfort Zones! So, Thank you Lady Self-sabotage, but no thank you. In order to win you must first fail and fail often. Did you know? 8 in 10 millionaires have filed for bankruptcy before making it to success. So, if you have faith in your goals and the persistence to achieve them, you will win and overcome your fears. FEAR OF FAILURE The fear to take action to achieve your goals through the fear that you MIGHT fail! What if I Fall?... Oh but Darling, what if you fly! E Hanson FEAR OF SUCCESS The fear to pursue your goals and achieve results such as, lots of money and success recognition. Fears are nothing more than a state of mind!! Napolean Hill Most Fears are given to us in childhood by our dearly beloved parents and family members. Not to cause us harm, but to keep us safe in a bubble of comfort and usually derive from their own fears. In order to overcome fears we need to establish and rewrite your limiting beliefs. A belief that was given to me (accidentally) was that I was uncomfortable around men, l would I hear comments like "Oh don't worry she is very shy and uncomfortable around men!" Well cheers for that! Another belief that was given to me (on purpose this time) was that I am not worthy, to speak, think, or do! This belief was pushed on me in adulthood and took my amazing coach and mentor a few weeks to eliminate with this simple phrase: I Used to Feel Unworthy, But Now I AM WORTHY! Simple, but effective! Tackling fears and limiting beliefs is easy to do if you catch them when they pop up and you confront them each time, also getting a coach or mentor will help you enormously! "Runaway from your fears and they will chase you, but run straight at them and they will get the 'F' outta your way!" Jen Sincero - You are a badass! 10 STEPS TO OVERCOME FEAR OF FAILURE AND FEAR OF SUCCESS!

  1. Acknowledge and accept your fears. You’re not alone or strange for having a fear of failure and/or success.

  2. See all the possibilities. People who take risks know they may fail, but think it’s worth doing anyway. They also know they might succeed.

  3. Growth. Remember that failure and mistakes are universal and amazing learning opportunities.

  4. Failures and successes don’t define you. You aren’t a “success” or “failure”. You are far more complicated than an all or nothing definition.

  5. Visualize success. Close your eyes and use your senses to paint a detailed picture of yourself successfully achieving your goal. Do this several times every day.

  6. Redefine success and failure. Create your own definition of success and failure based on your personal values and goals. Success for someone might be a 7 figure salary and someone else might define success as a strong, happy marriage. It is not getting hired for a job, failure, or just a setback? You have a choice in how you think about these things.

  7. Write it down. Write down your successes every day and read over your list regularly.

  8. Step out of your comfort zone. Take just a small step out of your comfort zone. Don’t push yourself too hard, too fast.

  9. Progress not perfection. Don't look at it as a failure, only an obstacle in another direction. and if it is a huge obstacle, look at it and admire just how big that was!

  10. Food for thought: The more you fail, the more you succeed.

So, if you are ready to tackle your fears of success and failure and don't want to do it alone, arrange a chat with me today and we can overcome them together!

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