OVERTHINKING - The Art of Creating a Problem that isn't even there!

OVERTHINKING - The Art of Creating a Problem that isn't even there!


  • Disclaimer: I am by no means perfect! There are 2 very special beings in my life that catch my mental moments and guide me to take a chill pill and relax (not something I am very good at)

If you are feeling overwhelmed, at a loss, confused, or even busy... STOP! You are under the impression that by chasing and working harder to understand and control a situation that the current situation will get better... WRONG! You are chasing, you are behind, you are forcing. Stop, and shut off for a few minutes, hours, or even days!

I am a lover of work and creating exciting new projects, businesses and ideas, sometimes I catch myself in the middle of a freakout situation, I am putting in SO MUCH ENERGY AND PLANNING AND WORK AND HOURS, but getting very little in return! and then I remember, Who the hell do I think I am? Who and What likes to be fully controlled? Who and What likes their freedom completely taken out of there hands? Who and What finds it enjoyable to be forcibly chased and pestered by anything or anyone! And then I COMPARE MYSELF TO A VEGETARIAN T-REX WHO CHASES LOVE OF VEGANS FORCIBLY! Scary and Annoying! (What weird analogies I give myself) When I started writing today's post, I had every intention of discussing FAITH and PERSISTENCE, I was so excited last night, thinking about the definitions and the fact that I consistently tell my clients:

You must have faith in your product and the persistence to achieve your goals

I still fully stand by this, However, sometimes we push and stress and crumble under the weight of our own overthinking! Why isn't it working? Why did they say that comment on that? What does that emoji mean? Have I upset them in some way?

I am a HUGE OVERTHINKER! I used to always getting caught up in my own head, I'd even have difficult conversations with people and be like "YEAH, I'm so the boss" (in my own head of course) However, Nowadays I prefer to only use my brain for positive and effective use. I try to use both my feelings/emotions and the thoughts to determine if a situation is real or not, this is called USING YOUR OWN INTUITION! And it has taken me years to understand my own thoughts and feelings and to not fully believe what others say or do to be the truth.

9 times out of 10 I can usually work out if I am being a total nincompoop and need to get out of my head and go within, or if I need to get clarity from an external source (My tribe aka friends and family or who has bothered me or a book) and 9 times out of 10 I am usually calmed within 2 seconds! Life is confusing and we have been confused with the thoughts of others mixing with our own thoughts.

Listen to yourself, not to the noise of the world. Only you know what is right for you - Leon Brown

We get so caught up with the goals that we forget to enjoy the process, whatever happens, is going to happen. We can either choose to do it in a joyful loving way that creates a positive journey to your service or product or we can choose to do it in a fearful and stressed way that will ultimately create a negative journey and most likely a negative outcome. If you choose the latter, you will not enjoy the journey, resulting in you not enjoying the service you have created, this doe not lead to fulfillment or freedom. you will get there, but you will also not be happy and look for more after. Slow down and remember why you started. If something isn't working for you any longer, change it. and only Choose to do tasks that light you up and enhance the lives of others around you.

“Our life depends on the kind of thoughts we nurture. If our thoughts are peaceful, calm, meek, and kind, then that is what our life is like. If our attention is turned to the circumstances in which we live, we are drawn into a whirlpool of thoughts and can have neither peace nor tranquility.” - Ana Smiljanic

My advice to you, the person, being, individual reading this, is to do your own research on 'How to live in the present moment' and discover that YOU ARE PERFECT AND THE CREATOR OF YOUR OWN REALITY, whatever you are overthinking about is not sitting well with you and you must walk away from your mind and focus on the love and joy in your life. By doing this you will bring clarity to that which is bringing you stress, worry, and anxiety enabling you to refocus your positive energy on a positive outcome!

  • YESTERDAY is History

  • TOMORROW is a Mystery

  • TODAY is a Gift - That's why it's called the Present

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