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My name is Shelley Wood, and welcome to The Vortex - Biz Coaching and Mentoring Website and Blog.

I have been an Entrepreneur for 10 years and have been in business development for 20.

My passion is taking an idea and turning it into reality, the process fascinates me. I currently have 3 businesses and each one is a different field.

In my coaching programs, I help you on your journey to Unleash your Awesomeness in business and in life. Business and Life can be an overwhelming journey, but it is even more rewarding once you allow yourself to enjoy the process.

My coaching and mentoring program is defined in 5 steps of learning to ensure that together we establish a successful business model that you love and enjoy. These are:






In my courses I teach you how to:

FIND your PASSION by overcoming fears and limiting beliefs, defining what you are passionate about and how we can implement this, we will also enhance and encourage your strengths to activate your Beast Mode and you will find that you will believe in yourself to produce awesome products and services.

DEFINE your VISION by creating a Vision (dream) board to define what you want out of life, we set goals right up to 10 years so you have a definite path that you are going to travel, I help you to plan and organise your time and thoughts to ensure that you stay on track and I teach you how to listen to your own guidance to achieve a joyous journey.

BE a CREATOR, together we will take you passion and your vision and start to form it into a product ready to sell, we create a branding that represents you and that your customers will love, we work on financial planning and create a profitable service that will help you achieve your goals and above all, I keep you on track to enjoy the journey and the process of developing your empire.

USE your ENERGY- now we are ready to use your energy to define your Ideal Clients find out where they are hanging out and what they are looking for from you. together we create a marketing strategy to attract your customers to your service and start you working and making money. At this stage, we work on getting you visible by using your own amazing personalities and rates and turn you into a self-marketing guru, all while you Enjoy the Process.

ENJOY your ABUNDANCE, you've created a product that is loved by many and now it is time to reflect on your achievements, Abundance is not only about wealth in the money form, but abundance in life, throughout the process we would have been consciously enjoying the process and the emotions behind creating your dreams, and now it id time to recognise the abundance that you have created in, Self-belief, confidence, love, gratitude, energy, opportunity, and creativity. At this point in your successful journey, we will revisit your Passion and Vision and redefine your goals to ensure that you are consistently growing and enjoying the process.

I have personally used this process in each business endeavour that I have had the pleasure of partaking in. The key to a successful business is to enjoy the process. It is all about the journey to Abundance, that is where true happiness lies.

So if you are ready to step into your journey and UNLEASH your AWESOMENESS! Get in touch with me today for a FREE chat to see how I can boost your positive energy and help you live the life you deserve on planet earth.

I am so grateful that you are in The Vortex Portal with me, please enjoy the content and share your awesomeness with me xxx
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