Visualise your future and it will come to you


t is the end of the Visualisation week. I hope it has been helpful to you!

This week I have gone through a snippet of what we offer in the Vortex Coaching program, Including:

  • Goal Setting

  • Creating a Vision Board

  • Overcoming Fears and self-sabotaging limiting beliefs

  • Finding your Purpose

  • Believing in yourself

Now you have an idea of where you are heading, the only thing left to do is believe you can achieve it and find the feelings that back up your purpose by visualising that it is already yours. Everybody has a dream, Everybody has a goal... NOW get ready and go get it! Meditation is the most powerful way to tell your brain that you are ready and you trust in the universe that what you must have is already here and ready to come to you. Here is my favorite meditation to visualise your future. ASK - BELIEVE - RECEIVE

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