What is your purpose?

Find your Purpose and you will find your Why?


When I was starting out on my journey of self-discovery and development, I had many times when I really didn't know what my purpose was, I even felt a little defeated. What if I didn't have a purpose 😱 I read books (100's in fact), watch youtube tutorials, made a board on Pinterest on how to find your purpose and pondered daily! Then BOOM! 💥 one day my purpose sat up and slapped me in the face (in mind of course)

I am happy to share mine with you, you may find it useful, you may find it sickly, you may even shout at the screen " BLIMEY!! Shelley has finally lost the plot!... But, my purpose is exactly that, IT IS MY PURPOSE AND MY WHY? 🙏🤗

I help others achieve happiness and success in Mind, Body, and Soul. I enjoy life with joy and gratitude Only if it makes me feel happy and excited... I CAN DO IT | I WILL DO IT | I LOVE TO DO IT

I have my purpose printed as a picture with my why's (children!) This is my reminder that I can and will achieve anything put my mind to IF it falls in line with my purpose!

SO, WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE AND YOUR WHY? Your Why is a personal thing, everyone has a purpose, and finding it is part of your journey! Tips to find your Purpose and your Why:

  • Research other people's Purposes - Will Smith has a short sharp Why!

  • Find what you are passionate about.

  • What lights you up and makes you feel good?

  • Write a statement of purpose then rewrite it again and again until it feels GREAT!

  • Who are you doing this for? - After YOU of course!

Once you have your purpose and your why it should govern your decisions from then on. Ask: Does this activity fall in line with my purpose? if the answer is yes then you can do it! If not... well you get the idea! ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY IN FINDING YOUR WHY! I have put some links in the comments to guide your search to find your purpose. I have also put my picture of my purpose below 👇👇 and I would love to know yours too!

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